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SE - SSACN Meeting Kirkcubright

As this was the first public meeting with all three organisations acting under the SSACN banner there was a quick briefing regarding that - it was met with approval by the SE, particularily as it gives them only one organisation to deal with.

They also recognised the effectiveness of some of our lobbying to date.


We informed them that SSACN through SOS would be interested in working with SEERAD in a tagging programme for the Spurdog as we remain convinced that the Spurdog in Sunnart and Etive are a unique local resident population.

They mentioned SEERAD are supporting proposals for a 5% bycatch on Spurdog in the EU talks later this year, we asked them to confirm this in writing and indicate if possible, where this proposal came from and who is supporting it.

There was quite a discussion on skate, and whilst they believed the fish are very transient Ian suggested the tagging programme administered by Glasgow museum (which they knew nothing about) indicated that although there may be a shifting juvenile population the adult breeding stock rarely strays more than a few miles and should be protected.

We also highlighted that Thornback Ray stocks are severely depleted in the West and SW coasts and that Defra had placed a 25% bycatch on the rays which was quickly changed to a 200kg daily catch limit (again something they knew naught about), we suggested that a good management tool would be a suitable closed season - the fish enter the bay for breeding purposes in March and leave during July.

One area we failed to discuss fully due to time pressures concerned the Porbeagle but Ian has followed this up with a mail to get them to confirm their position on finning as the UK states it has always been a leading advocate of the control of shark finning in the EU yet still allows the granting of special permits which technically allows finning to go ahead.

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