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Is This Showing Responsible Leadership ?

Mrs Stevenson, President of the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations, is appealing against her conviction for her involvement as one of 17 Newlyn skippers, owners and agents who have been convicted of involvement in a scheme to land so-called “black fish” - fish that under the EU quota system they were not entitled to bring back to port.

Their defence “..We knew we were doing wrong. But it wasn’t done with greed. It was done to make a living.. .. It was either land fish at the back door or pack it all in”. A defence that never seems to work in any other walk of life.

One can sympathise with individuals losing their living, or those making genuine mistakes, but this wasn’t an isolated incident, Defra had gathered evidence over 5 years, but in this case I believe it was greed.

Given her position, it does lead one to question the sincerity of NFFO when it consistently claims to be concerned with the sustainability of stocks.

More on the story here

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