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And maybe some help for Porbeagle

Also in the letter from the Scottish Government they also indicate there could also be protection for the Porbeagle on the way

Finally, I note your point on shark finning and we share your general concerns about the practice. I am aware of wider concern that the ratio of fin weight to shark weight is set too high. However, at most only nine Scottish boats carry a shark finning permit and I am unconvinced that taking action at a Scottish level would do much to protect shark stocks generally and may negatively impact on the UK’s ability to participate in any review of the Shark permit regulations and therefore influence effective action at the EU level.

You may be interested to note that the Commission has suggested a number of ways to manage porbeagle catches, one of which is a bycatch provision similar to spurdog. I believe the UK would be supportive of this measure.

We’ll keep you up to date with events as they unfold.

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