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Scottish public support restrictions on commercial fishing

THE Scottish public would support restrictions on commercial fishing if it was necessary to protect marine ecology, a new survey has revealed.

The poll was commissioned by the Wildlife Trust to examine public attitudes to our coastal waters. It found that a majority of Scots questioned - 87 per cent - placed the conservation of sea life over commercial fishing, and supported the imposition of restrictions on where it could take place.

It will come as no surprise to sea anglers that more than two-thirds of the people questioned thought there are fewer fish in the sea than 20 years ago.

Dr Becky Boyd, marine policy officer for the Scottish Wildlife Trust, said the survey was “unexpectedly positive” and that she thought it was an important message given our current political situation in Scotland.

The key question is of course, will the Scottish Government listen or will they continue to turn a blind eye to the practices which have brought west coast fish stocks almost to the verge of extinction.?

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