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SSACN note to Scottish Environment Minister

Update :: The following was received from the Minister.

Thanks for this. I am talking to officials about it and hope to come back to you soon with suggestions for a meeting.


A list of priority species and habitats that will guide future conservation action was recently approved by the Governments of all four UK administrations.

The Scottish Minister for Environment, Michael Russell welcomed the publication and said -“The new list will help inform any revision of the Scottish Biodiversity List and priorities for action under the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy. I will be seeking advice from SNH and other interested parties in taking that forward.

In a note to the Minister, we have reminded him that sea angling is the largest participant coastal activity and that it is a socially inclusive, environmentally friendly, low impact and selective fishing activity, which in many coastal angling communities contributes significantly to the local economy.

We also pointed that there is much to be done to address the loss of species in Scottish waters, especially those to the west of Scotland where many other species are in a critical state.

These issues which were raised at a SNH Biodiversity workshop held earlier this year, in the proceedings, available here, we have ‘highlighted’ in yellow the key points we were able to make and feel that such initiatives as our recently announced proposed joint activity on Spurdog to be very encouraging.

Whether through bias, preconception or lack of interest, sea angling conservation has historically not received the support from the Scottish Government that it deserves so we closed by letting the Minister know we would welcome a meeting to discuss our issues as well as continuing to contribute to the ongoing biodiversity discussion.

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