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Defra propose a non targeted fishery for the Porbeagle

At last governments are starting to listen to the call of the fisheries scientists and shark conservation groups like SOS, Shark Trust and the Shark Alliance.


When SOS was founded just three years ago, four RSA species of shark were in need of urgent management plans; if all goes well, three of the four will have some form of management plans on them by Christmas.


Defra and Seerad are proposing a 5% byctch limit on the Spurdog at Decembers EU talks, which will if successful stop any targeted fishery for them.


The results of the tope consultation have been promised for this Autumn, hopefully this will stop any targeted fishery for them in the UK, but this will need to be taken to Europe.


SOS recently received the following statement from Defra in respect of their position on Porbeagle by-catch and Blue Shark ” the Commission have come forward with a range of possible options rather than a complete package. Our clear preference is for no targeted porbeagle fishery, but for a small by-catch quota to cover porbeagle that are caught incidentally but are already dead. We would support measures to encourage or require the release of live by-catch wherever it is possible to do so.

We are also concerned about the state of other large bodied shark stocks such as the blue shark and will urge the Commission to consider management measures for them also.


How things have changed in just a few years.


SOS in Scotland is a founder member of SSACN


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