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Good News on Spurdog

Update :: We have just received a note from Struan Stevenson MEP informing us he has written to Commissioner Borg urging him

” .. to strengthen the legislation protecting this species of shark, as well as the many other species which are also suffering from over-fishing. It is crucial to look into a ban on fishing for the slow-maturing spurdog until the stocks have had time to recover.”

SSACN has received a letter from the Scottish Government confirming some great news following our meetings with them. In the letter, they state

“Starting with spurdog, as I said at the meeting, we are taking steps towards better conservation of the species. We will seek an extension of the 5% by-catch rule, that applies in the North Sea, to EC and international waters of ICES zones I, IIIa, V, VI, VII, VIII, XII and XIV (effectively all waters of the western Atlantic) as part of this year’s autumn fisheries negotiations .

This would prevent a targeted fishery for spurdog anywhere in the western Atlantic by EU vessels.

I appreciate that your preferred solution would be more localised closures of Lochs Sunnart and Etive. However, given that spurdog are a widely migratory species we feel the more general 5% by-catch rule would be of greater benefit to the stock overall. Perhaps we can review the position after this year’s December Council.”

If successful this will stop any vessel from targeting the Spurdog and will also help minimise the bycatch of common skate.

If you sent an email/letter to your MSP in support of the Spurdog initiative, then give yourself a pat on the back. Thanks to you all.

Whether this proposal is successful or not it demonstrates that recreational sea anglers can make a difference, and shows the need for all Scottish anglers and visitors to get behind SSACN and support them with their campaigns.

Together we can make a difference.


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