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No change to Bass MLS

FISHERMEN and anglers can continue to land bass at a size of 36 centimeters and over, Fisheries Minister Jonathan Shaw announced recently.

He said: "Bass is important to the inshore fishing fleet, which would have borne the brunt of the cost of increasing the MLS. I could not justify introducing a measure, which would have had such an impact on those fishermen."

The measure was proposed on good conservation principles – and on findings in a report by the PM’s Strategy Unit - Net Benefits - which accepted evidence of greater social and economic benefit by managing some fish for recreation.

In the past politicians have acted irresponsibly with our fisheries and here is another example of them backing out of doing the right thing.

The minimum landing size (MLS) for the fish, a measure designed to contribute to sustainable stocks, is to be kept at 36cm.

Mr Shaw - look at our GFAC table - the best way to preserve the stocks is to ensure they get a chance to breed - 45cms.

The issue isn’t just about angling, it is about managing the sea for the greater good and ensuring we get ‘best value’ from our resources.

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