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Voluntary temporary closures

Update ::

The joint initiative developed by the industry and the Scottish Government whereby skippers at sea sound the alert when they encounter stocks of small cod and the fishery is voluntarily closed has now been extended to protect the future breeding stock of cod.

This means from today the scheme will now cover larger juvenile fish up to 50 cm. ( Which is our recommended GFAC size )

Richard Lochhead said: "The new Scottish Government pledged a fresh start for Scottish fisheries and I am very pleased that this fresh thinking has already reaped rewards. "

"Reports from the industry so far show that vessels have been actively avoiding areas where undersized cod are likely to be in abundance. These responsible actions have resulted in no need for a formal closure to date."

"There will be a full evaluation of the pilot at the end of the year."

"This voluntary scheme shows that Scottish fishermen are setting an excellent example to the rest of Europe."

NB:: On the other hand though, yesterday Mike Park, Scottish White Fish Producers’ Association, was asking for a 15% increase in the cod TAC on the grounds that "I think this is justified and would be entirely consistent with a continued reduction in mortality."

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    Skater Says:

    So what happens to all the undersized fish they haul in to find out they are undersized - get landed as ‘legal’ or get discarded ?

    Seems like a great chance to have your cake and eat it, or just another bit of political moonshine !!

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