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EU / Norway negotiations

THE conclusion of the 2008 EU/Norway negotiations on quotas has resulted in a small increases for two stocks but cuts in the remainder :

  • Cod +11%    Saithe  +10%    Herring -41%    Monkfish -2.4%  Whiting -25%
  • Whiting -25%     Haddock -15%     Plaice -2.5%    Blue Whiting -32.3

The Scottish Fishermans Federation say cod now attracts disproportionate attention in these negotiations its economic impact is small, but it has become iconic in the minds of the public.

Strange, the commercial fishermen always make a great issue about Cod themselves and Mr Lochhead has consistently trumpeted the SNPs’ ‘ achievement’ of securing a rise in the Cod TAC 

Bertie Armstrong, of the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation said: “an 11% increase in North Sea cod quota is welcome and will reduce discarding as the stock recovers in response to Scottish conservation initiatives.

Someone has yet to explain how taking more fish out of the sea and then starting to discard is a conservation initiative.

But Bertie was certainly correct when he said "“…. this is a political process with both Norway and the European Commission aiming at the best deal for itself." and "… forces the EC to seek compromise in its target setting, with each Member State pressing for their unique priorities."

In other words each country aiming to get the best deal for itself.

It’s about time the fisheries ministers started thinking about the fish stocks rather than their own narrow political ambitions, surely the need for all the cuts is telling them something ?

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