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Pollack Otter Boards

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A.S.W Fishing Charters 3rd December 2008

Dear Mr. Lochhead

This letter is in response to an article in the Fishing News on December 21st. 2007 regarding the use of otter boards to catch pollack as bait for creels ( article attached )

Due to the decline of many fish stocks, pollack are now the only fish angling boats and shore anglers can catch in any numbers. Commercial angling boats rely on pollack to make a living. If otter boards are allowed to be used by commercial fishermen then pollack will be decimated very quickly. As anglers we practice catch and release on these fish in order to try and maintain a viable fishery.

The Clyde area and the West Coast of Scotland has very few opportunities for anglers. During 2007 my vessel did not catch a single box of cod or haddock throughout the whole year.

Angling is still popular and has the potential to create many more valuable jobs in the tourist industry.It is vital to protect what few angling opportunities we still have. In Florida a marine park has been created with angling only interest. This has raised the profile of angling and increased income from $1 billion dollars to $8 billion and provided 80,000 jobs.

In 1975 otter boards were banned on freshwater because they were so efficient. A ban needs to be applied to the sea to safeguard this valuable resource for angling. If not, this will be the final nail in the coffin for sea angling. Angling was once a very prosperous industry. Today sea angling faces total oblivion throughout Scotland, due to our inshore waters becoming devoid of fish. Please don’t let our last remaining fish be destroyed.

Wishing you a happy and productive NewYear


Tony Wass

c.c. Tavish Scott Convenor Economy,Energy & Tourism.

c.c.Jim Mather Minister for Enterprise,Energy & Tourism

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