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The EU has no idea !!

According to the EU financial watchdog - the European Union has no real idea of how many fish its national fleets catch each year and is failing to clamp down hard on vessels that exceed national quotas.

Unreliable data on catches, weak inspections with no proper deterrent, as well as general fleet overcapacity are threatening fish stocks and many species have been hard hit by years of heavy exploitation.

“Catch data are neither complete nor reliable and the real level of catches is thus unknown,” an ECA report said, and continues ….”If this situation continues, it will bring grave consequences not only for the natural resource, but also for the future of the fishing industry and the areas associated with it.”

“If the political authorities want (EU policy) to achieve its objective of sustainable exploitation of the fisheries resources, the present control, inspection and sanction systems must be strengthened considerably,” it said as “… inspections and follow-up legal action were inadequate to prevent abuses, while levels of fines were limited… and … countries are unable to guarantee catch data.”

“Overcapacity affects the profitability of the fishing industry and, in a context of decreasing authorized catches, is an incitement to non-observance of these restrictions and affects the quality of the data forwarded,” it said.

Or to put it another way, illegal fishing will continue unabated and unchecked.

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