Welsh Fisheries Strategy

December 13th, 2007

Following on from the English, the Welsh Assembly Government has published a consultation document on their future Fisheries Strategy.

As well as commercial fishing and aquaculture, the draft strategy has significant coverage of both Recreational Sea Angling and Freshwater Fisheries in Wales.

Perhaps the Scottish Government may get around to developing a recreational fishing strategy at some point.

The consultation document can be downloaded  PDF Document (Standard)   h e r e

The consultation document represents the work undertaken by the Welsh Assembly Government, its partners and fisheries stakeholders (not just commercial interests) to develop a strategy on the future of fisheries in Wales.  It represents a summary of the findings for the development of fisheries whilst considering their obligations for sustainable development and maintaining the quality and biodiversity of their environment.

The aim of the Welsh Assembly Government is that in the future all fisheries will be:

  • Sustainable
  • Financially Viable
  • Effectively Regulated

Laudable ideas Scotland would do well to adopt.

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