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Questions raised in Holyrood

The following questions of interest to sea anglers were raised by John Scott (Ayr)(Con) :

All begin with ‘To ask the Scottish Executive’ and were lodged on 13/12; answers are expected by 21/01.

S3W-7830 whether it has any plans to introduce closed areas for breeding spurdog.

S3W-7829 how many permits it has issued in each of the last five years to allow the finning of sharks in Scottish waters.

S3W-7828 what action it is taking to protect (a) common skate, (b) porbeagle and (c) tope in Scottish waters.

S3W-7827 whether it considers that there is any merit in designating certain critically endangered species of sea fish as recreational species.

S3W-7826 what plans it has to develop a strategy for recreational sea angling.

S3W-7825 what its estimate is of the economic value of sea angling.

S3W-7824 when it intends to (a) commission and (b) publish the results of a survey into the economic value of recreational sea angling.

S3W-7753 how many sea angling charter boats based on the west coast of Scotland have gone out of business in each of the last five years.

S3W-7623 what quantities of fish have been discarded annually since 2003 by the small mesh nephrops trawl fishery in the Clyde area and of what species the bulk of these discards were composed.

S3W-7622 To ask the Scottish Executive how many real time voluntary closures of fisheries have been initiated since the inception of the scheme; how long each closure was in place; how many times any commercial impact zone has had two or more closures, and what quantities of fish were discarded before any such closures were implemented.

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