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Action to protect cod stocks

Cabinet Secretary Richard Lochhead has announced that for the first four months of 2008 the Scottish fleet will be operating real time closures with the purpose of protecting spawning cod.

Having issued a map to fishermen which identifies areas where spawning cod may be found, the Government is actively encouraging them to avoid the areas where possible !!

If spawning cod are found in any area fishermen are asked to sound the alarm and a real time closure will come into affect.

Mr Lochhead claims this action is being taken to protect future cod stocks and is an example of how the Scottish industry is introducing sustainable fishing practices.

As cod are less than 5% of Scotland’s landings it does beg the question though as to why so much focus is being given when there are fisheries like the west coast nephrops which do far more damage but no such effort is being put into them.

It couldn’t be just because cod are a big political issue could it ?

The real time closures for spawning cod will run from 1st January to 30th April 2008.

The real time closure for juvenile cod will recommence from 1st May 2008.

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