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The Eliminator

It may sound like the name of the destructive robot in the next big action movie, but the Eliminator is actually a lifesaver: it reduces bycatch of cod in the haddock bottom trawl fishery.
The winning fishing gear takes advantage of the behaviour differences of fish: haddock swim upward when they encounter the net and are [...]


Charity Status Awarded

We’ve just received confirmation that we are now officially a registered Scottish charity.
To help boost our funds at SSACN we are holding a draw on for an ABU 6500 CT Sports Mag which has been kindly donated by Eric McLean of the Sports Shop in Stranraer.
All SSACN Full Members get 5 free entries - [...]


Hope for Spurdog

Hope for Spurdog
After three years off intense campaigning by SOS and more lately SSACN, it looks likely that the Spurdog around Scotland’s deep water lochs will finally be safe from commercial exploitation.
The Spurdog biomass is down to 5% of its original size and is considered critically endangered by the IUCN. English longliners have been targeting [...]


The EU has no idea !!

According to the EU financial watchdog - the European Union has no real idea of how many fish its national fleets catch each year and is failing to clamp down hard on vessels that exceed national quotas.
Unreliable data on catches, weak inspections with no proper deterrent, as well as general fleet overcapacity are threatening fish [...]


English sea angling consultation

DEFRA have launched the public consultation on the strategy for Recreational Sea Angling in England.
This is very important for Scottish anglers as well.
Now everybody has the opportunity to contribute to the draft proposals which ends on 31st March 2008.
Whatever your initial views on the strategy we urge you to study the proposals, and respond to [...]


Pollack Otter Boards

This letter was forwarded to us by the author for inclusion on our site. Any update will be added.
A.S.W Fishing Charters 3rd December 2008

Dear Mr. Lochhead
This letter is in response to an article in the Fishing News on December 21st. 2007 regarding the use of otter boards to catch pollack as bait for creels ( [...]


Letter to Lochhead - Shark,Ray and Skate TACs

On behalf of the Sea Angling Conservation Network, a member of the Shark Alliance and a strong proponent of shark conservation, I am writing to request that you work to ensure that the final 2008 Total Allowable Catch (TAC) limits for sharks, skates, and rays be reduced substantially from the excessive levels recently proposed by [...]


Shark Alliance dissatisfaction

As 2008 proposed total allowable catch (TAC) limits for sharks tabled by the European Commission greatly exceeds the scientific advice.
ICES has documented serious, long-term overfishing of European spurdog and porbeagle shark populations and has repeatedly recommended no fishing of these species and minimization of incidental ‘bycatch.” Last week, the Commission instead proposed a modest 25% [...]


Defra - More and bigger fish

New measures to maintain and grow the £1 billion recreational sea angling (RSA) industry have been revealed by Whitehall.
The twin objectives of Defra’s Recreational Sea Angling Strategy for England are to “provide more and bigger fish within a healthy and sustainable ecosystem and environment” and “maintain and increase participation in RSA on a sustainable basis…across [...]

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