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Update TACs and Quotas

Position on TACs and Quotas - 5 Increase - 5 No Change - 16 Decrease

The EU Fisheries and Agriculture Council meeting detailed release can be found at :

The following tables show the percentage change for each stock and the value of selected stocks to the Scottish economy (apologies for the quality of the graphic). Some thoughts :

  • The recent increase for North Sea Cod of 11% was much trumpeted and lauded even though the fisheries’ contribution to the Scottish economy is relatively meaningless.
  • The focus given to Cod by media and politicians is purely emotional at best, SPIN at worst.
  • Stocks are in a much worse situation than the Ministers will admit.
  • Nephrops contribute around 1/3 of Scottish fisheries revenues, is that the reason why so little effort being made to reduce discard levels ?

Species % Change
Haddock (Rockall) 50
Cod (North Sea) 11
Saithe (North Sea) 10
Haddock (Irish Sea) 5
Megrim (North Sea) 8
Cod (West of Scotland) -25
Cod (Irish Sea) -25
North Sea Plaice -2.5
North Sea Sole -15
Herring (North Sea) -41
Herring (West Coast) -25
Herring (Irish Sea) -8
Blue Whiting -32
Haddock (North Sea) -15
Haddock (West of Scotland) -15
Ling and Tusk -15
Plaice (North Sea) -2.5
Whiting (North Sea) -25
Whiting (Irish Sea) -25
Megrim (West Coast) -20
Pollock NC
Ling NC
Monkfish (Northern Shelf) NC
Nephrops (West Coast) NC***
Nephrops (North Sea) NC***

Other measures :

Part of the North Sea Mackerel stock has been cut by 9%

Nephrops fleet 10% cut in days at sea.

Whitefish fleet days at sea cut by 10% (Nsea), and by 18% (Wcoast) in the small mesh 70-89mm fisheries. These are reduced to 6% and 10% for Scotland because of decommissioning.

Spurdog 5% bycatch rule to apply to all EU waters.

Scotland to be allowed to flexibly allocate days at sea to the Scottish fleet.

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