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SNP Dept of Rural Affairs on fishing recognises that ” … Scotland’s fishing industry provides tens of thousands of jobs and generates hundreds of millions of pounds for the Scottish economy. It also provides the heart of many of our coastal communities who depend on the success of that industry.

It also goes on to say ” Fishing is vital to our national economic interest and should be given the support that it deserves. The UK has always given, and always will give, fishing a low priority status. We will give it the representation it deserves.”

They then go on to recognise commercial fishing, fish processing, fish farming and even Freshwater fishing where they claim ” ..The SNP supports a sustainable and vibrant freshwater fisheries sector. We will work with anglers and local communities to create a national freshwater fisheries policy that seeks to protect biodiversity and our environment as well as enhancing the economic benefit for our rural economy that results from angling.”

and “We will take forward the work of the Freshwater Fisheries Forum with a view to modernising the sector’s management structures. We support the view that our rivers should be managed on a catchment area basis that includes all freshwater stocks.”

But of course no similar recognition of sea angling, sea angling communities, the biodiversity of the marine environment, and not surprisingly, no mention at all of modernising fisheries management structures and making them inclusive.

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