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Archive for January 25th, 2008


CFP to be broken up ?

It is rumoured the CFP is to be broken up with control moving to a range of new departments in the Commission under the overall umbrella of EU Maritime Policy.
It’s expected that day to day management of fisheries will be devolved to RAC’s (Regional Advisory Councils) comprising fishermen, scientists & other stakeholders.
The first indications [...]


Answer indicates sea angling research imminent ?

The following question raised in Holyrood confirms the Government has commissioned research into the economic contribution to Scotland of sea angling.
Mr Lochhead says that they " ..look forward to the outcome of that study", very much the same words Mr Finnie was using this time last year.
We can only wait.
John Scott (Ayr) (Con): I very [...]


Catching sector must get it right

According to Mike Park, Executive Chairman of the Scottish White Fish Producers’ Association, the catching sector has a one-off chance to make a difference this year in terms of helping cod conservation and there is no one else to blame if they do not get it right.
According to him there is no question that this [...]

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