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5% bycatch limit surprises industry

Update 17/02/08

Mike Park, the executive chairman of the Scottish White Fish Producers’ Association continues to argue that the 5% bycatch rule is “without a shadow of a doubt” causing discards to mount - he also asserted the UK should argue strongly for an amendment to the regulation as more detailed analysis is required.

Without a shadow of a doubt, yet more detailed analysis !

Perhaps what he really means is as usual, put the catching sector interests ahead of the interests of fish.

In the past, when we have tried to get protection put in place for spurdog  the commercial fishermen’s organisations and the Cabinet Secretary have argued it is not needed as there is neither a directed fishery nor bycatch of any significance

Once more playing the ‘discards’ card to hide the fact that they have no real concern for the stocks, only that they may miss out on their share !

More nonsense from the catching sector’s ‘Ministry of Misinformation’

A NEW 5% by-catch limit for dogfish in both the North Sea and West of UK grounds will hit fishermen hard according to a fishermen’s spokesman who went on to say that the new by-catch limit had come “out of the blue” and appeared to have been slipped into the TAC regulation for this year.

He really ought to read our web pages - on 9th January we reported -

At last SOS and SSACN have got confirmation on the news that we have been long waiting for, which confirms the 5% bycatch limit on spurdog will apply to all European waters - see the following post -

He then said that the move was causing a lot of concern and will hit a number of boats, particularly those line boats pursuing a directed dogfish fishery.

Readers may remember another fisheries spokesman and a Cabinet Minister asserting there was no such thing as a directed shark fishery.

He then felt it also called into question the fleet’s ability to catch the UK share of dogfish in the North Sea - 470 tonnes and West Coast - 739 tonnes and indicated that it would no doubt increase discard levels.

Playing the ‘discards’ card to hide the fact that they have no real concern for the stocks, only that they may miss out on their share !

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