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Back attacking the dogs

Mike Park, the executive chairman of the Scottish White Fish Producers’ Association, said today that it would be difficult to argue against the case for more protection for dogfish.


he believes the 5% bycatch limit is at the extreme end of the scale and thinks there is the case for looking at the possibility of adjusting the management system to both promote protection of the species and on the other hand, to discourage discards.

Perhaps he’d like to explain how if they can’t avoid catching dogs how allowing the catching sector to take more will help with conservation.

Meanwhile it was important to emphasise that dogfish was not a species you hunt, it was a species you got.

Blatant nonsense - the longliners have targeted gravid spurs for years.

Bertie Armstrong, the chief executive of the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation, said they had to have another look at the science relating to the species and secondly at what might be possible in terms of adjusting the relevant technical regulation.

But he also felt it would make more sense to have a bigger bycatch allowance, given the need to curb discards.

Doesn’t like the science that says the species are under threat - so wants to find another science - just CURB catch levels.

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