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Slipper Skippers

Over-fishing and excessive discarding have decimated inshore stocks in recent years, now numbers of inshore fishermen are criticising the ‘commodity’ style trading of quotas which have left many of them facing bankruptcy.

More than 90pc of the UK’s TAC (Total Allowable Catch) is distributed to large Producers Organisations (POs) which manage the majority of large trawlers. Most of the inshore fleet of under-10m vessels are not members of POs and have to exist on the remainder of the quota.

POs make some of their money without actually fishing by leasing part of their quota back to the smaller vessels, or to wealthy corporations and landowners - slipper skippers” - who sell that on to non-PO members.

Many in the under 10 sector are now saying that quota should never have allowed to become a tradable asset.

We believe, that this should be taken even further, quota should only be allocated to fishermen who are actually working - too many skippers are using their entitlement as a ‘pension fund’.

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