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Archive for March 13th, 2008


Response from Minister Russell

During the debate on John Scott’s Members Bill regarding sea angling, Minister for Environment Michael Russell stated :
” I see no reason why we should not have a debate on recreational angling at some future stage. I cannot of course bind the Minister for Parliamentary Business, but having such a debate seems a reasonable aspiration.”
SSACN [...]


Heads in the sand

The fishermen know why there are so few fish by Johnny Woodlock.
For the Sea Fishery Advisory Group of the Irish Seal Sanctuary
As the days progress, more and more fishermen are finally admitting that they know why the fishing industry is facing such a crisis. It is simple; the fish have been caught as juveniles and [...]


Tope - rod and line only

After three years of campaigning by SOS and more lately SSACN, the groups have finally received the official news that they have been waiting for.
The letter below from the English fisheries minister Johnathon Shaw confirms that he has laid an Order before Parliament prohibiting the fishing for tope other than by rod and line and [...]

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