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Crews that work

Fishing boat skippers in Fraserburgh, are replacing their wasted crew members with Filipinos because of their clean living and strict work ethic.

Around a hundred of them are now working in Fraserburgh with half as many again crewing vessels out of Peterhead and Eyemouth.

A local college administrator I spoke to last week at a seminar in Aberdeen told me the majority of those attending the college’s Saturday morning net-mending course are Filipinos.

He also identified that the move to employ Filipinos had begun within the past year due to the shortage of eastern European crew members.

A local representative at the same seminar said that one of the greatest attributes of the Filipinos is that they can be trusted to turn fit to do the work - drink and drugs are not a feature of their society.

Some owners feel there is now a chance to make a decent living again thanks to the Filipinos, higher fish prices and an easing of quota restrictions - in that order.

As the Filipinos are typically staunch Roman Catholics, one other byproduct of their presence is a marked uplift in local church attendances.

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