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Draft UK Marine Bill

The Draft UK Marine Bill was published on 3 April 2008. Defra are seeking views on the proposals set out in the draft Bill and input to the supporting Impact Assessment. It may be found at

Many aspects of the bill that will affect the UK Recreational Sea Fisheries, the anglers who fish them, and the many businesses and livelihoods dependent upon them. The key areas (from a Scottish sea anglers viewpoint) are:

  • the creation of the Marine Management Organisation (MMO);
  • marine nature conservation;
  • managing marine fisheries;
  • reform of inland and migratory fisheries;
  • modernisation and streamlining of enforcement powers;

more specifically -

Recreational Sea Angling and unregulated fishing

3.107 The draft Bill extends powers in the Sea Fish (Conservation) Act 1967 to regulate sea angling from the shore and other unregulated fishing activity.

For certain species or in certain circumstances, the lack of a power to regulate recreational fishing from the shore could limit the effectiveness of a specific  conservation measure.

3.108 Powers would allow the introduction of a ‘bag limit’ for particular species of fish and allow a maximum size or a size range to be set for species of fish.

The powers in the draft Bill would only be used to extend controls to activities on conservation or enforcement grounds. Any use of the powers would be through secondary legislation and would be subject to consultation.


Section 10

(iii) enabling powers in the Bill to ensure existing conservation powers can be used to manage recreational sea angling and other unregulated commercial fishing activities;


Marine Fisheries

219. SFC reform will allow for greater protection of the marine environment through more timely and effective management measures.

Improved regulation of angling and unregulated commercial fishing will also help deliver fisheries and marine environment conservation benefits through improved protection of fish stocks and habitats.

Powers to charge for fishing vessel licences will present an opportunity to influence fishermen’s behaviour, for example by providing incentives to deploy more environmentally responsible fishing practices.


Marine Fisheries

19. Proposals to strengthen marine fisheries and environmental management arrangements will mean more effective action can be taken to conserve stocks.

Safeguarding stocks will bring benefits to the enterprises that reply upon them such as the fishing industry, ancillary businesses and those working in the sea angling sector.


The deadline for responses to the document is 26th June 2008.

We shall of course be responding, but we also encourage all anglers and angling organisations to respond with their views on the proposed legislation.

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