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Feathers appeal more than fins

RSPB Scotland supports the announcement that the Scottish Government is looking to extend up to 31 Special Protection Areas (SPAs) to give seabird feeding grounds the same protection as their nesting colonies on the land.

The RSPB Scotland head of conservation policy - Lloyd Austin was quoted as saying “This is very welcome news, and a good step forward for the marine environment which has been left behind in terms of conservation for too long. We protect seabird nesting colonies on land, so it makes sense to also protect their vital feeding grounds too.

Austin hopes that these SPA extensions will take effect as soon as possible.

However, these should only be seen as a first step towards a comprehensive network of marine protected areas in key inshore and offshore areas, as part of an integrated management regime in forthcoming marine legislation on both sides of the border.

The Government however say they can’t introduce protected areas for fish !

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