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Managing Scotland’s fish quota

The review of the management of Scotland’s fish quota was outlined today by Richard Lochhead; the key objectives are :

  • To safeguard Scotland’s traditional fishing rights for now and the future by keeping them in Scotland.
  • Make sure Scottish fishermen get their fair share of quota providing stability and security so that businesses can plan for the future.
  • Make sure fishing quotas are only held by businesses who fish them.
  • Encourage new blood into the industry by seeking to develop a new entrants scheme that will allow new fishermen to access quota.
  • Reform licensing to make it simpler and user-friendly so reducing business costs.

According to Mr Lochhead “Every time I visit a fishing community in Scotland I am asked to take steps to protect fishing rights for future generations. Today’s proposals aim to do just that.”

Every time he is asked to protect sea anglers rights and interests - he just ignores them.

The consultation period will run until August 21, 2008. The full consultation document and summary can be found here.

The plans give a firm thumbs down to Individual Transferable Quotas for the Scottish fleet and the foreword reiterates the goal of withdrawing from the CFP.

No doubt there will be quite some input in those areas !

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