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UK Bass stocks are collapsing

RECENT scientific evidence shows that UK bass stocks are collapsing claims the Bass Anglers’ Sportfishing Society (BASS).
In over 20 years of bass sampling they have never seen a period when the numbers of young bass have been as low for so long; they also say even some commercial fishermen have expressed concerns at the present [...]


Sharks in the Baltic

Stockholm 15th May 2008: A new report on sharks and related species in the Baltic Sea from the Shark Alliance highlights the threats to these over-looked fish and calls for improved conservation policies.
The report documents the distribution and status of 31 species sharks, rays and chimaeras (collectively known as cartilaginous fishes) in the Baltic and [...]


GFAC - Size does matter

Watch out for a red fishing smock.
Colin ‘Vespaman’ Robertson is on the loose and helping to try and get SSACNs’ ‘Give Fish A Chance’ message out to a wider audience.

You too can help, we are looking for people to help in any way - get through the day-to-day stuff that needs to be done, [...]


Communities in charge

Richard Lochhead today said that his next year in Government would focus on putting fishing communities in charge of their own future.
He went on “There is huge potential in our fishing communities - from the men out at sea to the women and families back on shore. I want our coastal and rural communities [...]


West Coast Herring Plan

The EC has also tabled a proposal for a Council regulation on a multi-annual plan for the management of herring fisheries to the West of Scotland.
The aim of the proposal is to ensure the sustainability of the fishery and prevent any sudden increase in fishing pressure which could jeopardise its future.
This will be achieved by [...]


Arran COAST consultation

Arran COAST trust ( are at the point of winning a 13 year long battle to have Lamlash Bay declared a Marine Protected Area which includes part of it as a No Take Zone (NTZ) - see below.

The purpose of the NTZ is to allow the regions Mearl beds to regenerate after years of destructive [...]


North Sea Whiting fishery closed

Heavy pressure on North Sea whiting stocks, due to the weather, lack of haddock and the need to avoid cod, has meant that one producer organisation has been forced to suspend whiting catching by all but two of its vessels.
Aberdeen Fish Producers’ Organisation chief executive Hamish Gordon confirmed today that they had closed their whiting [...]


Andrew and Corey’s Edinburgh run

Andrew Keltie and his nephew Corey took part in the Great Edinburgh Run on Sunday 4th May 2008 to raise money on our behalf.
Andrew completed the race in 59.42m exactly 4 minutes quicker than last year, Corey completed it in a fantastic 53.15m.
Many, many thanks to these guys for going to such an extent [...]


Skates and Rays in real danger

Warning signs regarding the state of the Scottish stocks of skates and rays have been there for many years but Scottish fisheries managers have systematically chosen to ignore them.
The following graph illustrates the extent to which they are in free-fall.

Landings are at a 100 year all time low.
Survey work undertaken by the FRS confirms it [...]

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