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Just another talking shop

Lib Dem Shadow Fisheries Secretary Mike Rumbles today claimed the new Scottish Fisheries Panel would be a pointless talking shop as according to him :

“A fortnight ago, the First Minister claimed that his government had set up an expert panel to develop alternatives to the Common Fisheries Policy.”

“Today, the Fisheries Secretary has confirmed to me that the panel doesn’t yet exist. He admitted that when it does get up and running it will have no requirement to take legal advice and no requirement to consult with governments in London or Brussels.”

Mike Rumbles pointed out “This is a pointless time wasting exercise as Scotland cannot leave the Common Fisheries Policy without leaving the EU, and the First Minister and the Fisheries Secretary know this very well. To suggest otherwise is a blatant attempt to mislead the Scottish public and the fishing industry.”

“Instead of talking endlessly and pointlessly to each other about an illegal policy, the SNP should engage constructively with the UK and Europe to support Scotland’s fishing industry.”

Mr Rumbles should remember the government is quite happy to spend millions of pounds and endless hours of effort to support the commercial fishing sector, but don’t ask it to do anything REAL to regenerate inshore stocks, address destructive methods, reduce bycatch or save species threatened by over exploitation and/or discarding.

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