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Trawling to save Lyme Bay & Clyde

Mirroring several Scottish commercials views of the Arran NTZ, the South West Inshore Fishermen’s Association have reacted angrily as about 10% of Lyme Bay will be permanently closed to scallop dredgers and bottom trawlers to safeguard the area’s rich marine life and habitats.

Well if 10% is massive what is the other 90% - greed knows no bounds as we have seen - the Arran NTZ is less than 1% of the Clyde !

Their chairman was of the opinion that closing this massive area to mobile fishing gear will leave it open to be inundated by pots for whelks, crabs and lobsters, nets for fin-fish, angling and diving boats - all of which operate non-destructively.

The problem the SWIF identify is because they assert towed gear aids the release of nutrients into the water to provide feed, thus in a short time there will not be a living thing left in the Bay !

Same old, same old - that argument was offered by some of the Clyde commercials in the 2007 ERD Committee Inquiry but extensive trawling has continued in the Clyde and stocks continue to be depleted.

It’s a shame that the 15+million fish that are discarded annually by the Clyde nephrops sector don’t get a chance to sample the super-enriched environment.

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