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MEP supports Angling Recreation Centre idea

Struan Stevenson (MEP) has called for the creation of specially designated zones for commercial fishing as well as the creation of marine protected areas (MPAs) where little or no fishing would be allowed.

He also went on to propose that fishing parks for recreational anglers should be considered as a possibility, something we at SSACN have long campaigned for in the form of Angling Recreational Centres (ARCs).

Struan Stevenson also proposed that “In consultation with scientists, RACs and all the stakeholders, we should be able to identify areas where sustainable fishing can continue in an environmentally responsible manner. ” and that “These zones should be clearly identified and given legislative protection against any kind of conflicting development.”

He also felt that “Only in this way will we be able to balance economic, social and environmental priorities.”

This is something we totally agree with, but unfortunately they are steps the Scottish government and Marine Directorate are not willing to take - they consistently refuse to involve non-commercial fishing interests in managing and protecting the inshore marine environment.

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