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Bertie gets angry

CONSERVATIONISTS came under heavy fire today from Scottish Fishermen’s Federation Chief Executive Bertie Armstrong who said he is very disappointed that a single element of the annual fisheries science - cod stocks - has been selected and turned into a prediction of hell and damnation for all species.

He claims this misleads the public and masks the truth about the responsible, proactive Scottish industry.

Strangely enough he, and Mr Lochhead, don’t mind taking a single element of proactiveness - the real-time closures in Scottish waters - and constantly touting that as an indication of a wholesome and responsible industry - when the nephrops fishery discards MILLIONS of undersized fish annually.

Bertie went on to say commercial fishermen will play their part in assuring sustainable production of healthy food from our home waters and asked that all should work together to achieve that.

Extremely difficult when the commercial fishermen, government and Marine Directorate all oppose anyone else being involved in ‘working together’.

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