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£8000 a month not to fish

Jul 14th, 2008 | By ssacn | Category: Catching sector, EU Government News

An EU decision is expected this week to pay vessel owners up to £8,000 (10,000 euros) a month to stay in port. The money paid by Europe would be used to partly cover the cost of loans on trawlers and crew wages over a three month period in any one year.

There has been pressure from the industry for the EC to act on diesel which has more than doubled in price over the last 15 months and they appear to see this as a way of calming tempers.

It is assumed by the Commission that this will also reduce fishing effort and thus help protect dwindling stocks (very unlikely in our opinion), and as they wish to see fewer fishing boats is expected they will ratify the proposals in the next few days.

Fishermen may also be given help to equip their boats with small and more fuel efficient engines - naturally, this will not apply to angling charter boats.

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