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The great north barrier reef

THERE was a wave of support yesterday for plans to build an artificial reef off the North East coast of England. According to Newcastle-based marine scientist Dr Craig Rose, who has been working on the idea for five years, such a reef could offer endless opportunities with potentially huge benefits for the region as it could support such as :

  • Surfing. The reef could be built to manipulate waves to break in a predictable pattern and location which would create better surfing waves and more of them
  • Diving. The reef could include features of interest for divers and a training platform.
  • Fisheries. The reef would attract marine life such as fish, crabs and lobsters and could become a nursery which would “seed” the sea to the benefit of biodiversity and commercial fishing.
  • Education and research.
  • Coastal protection. Reef technology could be developed in the North East which, with the prospect of climate change, could put the region at the forefront of creating coastal defences but with a range of other functions.

The reef, sited around 100 metres off the shore, would cost £1.5m-£3m and would be built from materials like concrete blocks, sand bags or quarried rock.

SSACN - These are the kind of benefits we at SSACN have been trying to communicate to the government and Marine Directorate that could result from regenerating the marine environment and focusing some energies on recreational interests rather than concentrating solely on commercial fisheries exploitation.

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