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Bold EU moves for sharks

Congratulations to the EU on their proposals for the management of elasmobranchs.

If the proposals go ahead then there will be a zero Total allowable catch (TAC) on all commercial catches of spurdog and porbeagle, all bycatch will have to be returned to the sea.

Skates and rays will also finally be protected with special conditions attached………catches of common skate, undulate ray, white skate, spurdog and angel shark shall be promptly released unharmed to the best extent practicable; fishermen will be encouraged to use techniques and equipment to facilitate their rapid and safe release.

Further good news for the Scottish sharks is that the commercial ray restrictions imposed on the North Sea two years ago will apply to ICES boxes 6 and 7 - this includes Wales, Ireland and the west coast of Scotland.

A further 25% restriction on the 2008 TAC has been proposed and although it is felt the TAC is still too high, it is easier to get a TAC reduced then to get one introduced in the first place.

There is no doubt that there will be a huge commercial backlash but we just have to hope the commission stay strong.

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