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How to report capture of a tagged fish

Most importantly – Leave the tag in

Shark species management with respect to National Fisheries Bodies is currently very low as shark species are not a predominant commercial species. The UK Shark Tagging Programme offers a small reward for reporting recaptures as tagging programmes produce valuable data for :

  1. A non-destructive assessment of
    1. Species growth rates - under natural conditions
    2. Species migrations – identifies areas requiring management
    3. Sources of ‘Non-Natural Predation’ – identifies specific threats
    4. Determining population dynamics and stock make-up
    5. Stock fluctuations – identifies need for management
  2. The scientific basis for the development of shark species management.

Please leave the tag in the fish - take a note of the telephone number or address on the tag and write down the number of the tag. This is a unique number and with the information stored on a database will allow the administrators of the programme to produce valuable data for the development of fisheries management.

On a spurdog or tope the tag will be located near its dorsal fin. For skate the tag will be on top and towards the rear of one of the wings. The tag in the UK will usually be a thin yellow or orange plastic tubing approx 4-6 inches in length. It may be covered in growth but careful rubbing will clean the tag up.

If you have a suitable sling and scales then you can take the measurements and weigh the fish but please keep the fish in water as much as possible.

See the codes of best practice for  spurdog here , tope here and for  common skate here.

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