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More support for catching sector

Jan 21st, 2009 | By ssacn | Category: Scottish Executive News

The Scottish Government is to carry out a detailed study into the profitability of the Scottish fleet and develop new ways to enhance its success and resilience.

The study will involve consultation events in fishing communities across Scotland. Skippers and representatives of fishing communities, among others, will work together to devise actions for each fleet that will do the most to make them successful. The study will report back before the end of May.

Chairing the first meeting of the SFC in 2009 in Edinburgh, Fisheries Secretary Richard Lochhead said:

“As we begin to feel the full effects of the downturn, our study will produce plans to enhance the economic success and resilience of our fleets. We will work with the industry to identify effective steps that can be taken, whether by Government, industry or others, to enhance profitability.

I have already announced measures to help fishermen meet the cost of new conservation measures agreed at December Council, including a fast-track mechanism to access the European Fisheries Fund (EFF).

In the current climate is even more important that we work alongside the industry to develop solutions. We are not immune from this downturn, but by working together we can come through it and be prepared for a strong recovery.”

A general remit for the profitability study was considered and approved by the SFC at a previous meeting. A detailed specification was developed in consultation with the industry fuel task force task force members. Two interim reports about different fleets will be produced and a completed final report will be submitted to the Scottish Government before the end of May.

The EFF programme is targeted to assist with capital investment in the aquaculture, fishing and fish processing industries. The programme can also support strategic trade initiatives, fisheries dependent communities and Scottish Government and European Community policy initiatives for the sustainable development of fisheries.

The European Commission has allocated €43.1 million to the Convergence areas of the UK, which include the Highlands and Islands, and €94.7 million to the remainder of the UK which includes all other parts of Scotland. Eligible applicants will include individuals, companies, trade and public bodies that have a direct interest in commercial fisheries.

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