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Latest EU nonsense

Jan 22nd, 2009 | By ssacn | Category: EU Government News

Antonia Mochan, Head of Media, European Commission Representation to the UK sent the following out in response to the debate around Article 47.

Contrary to reports, the European Commission is not proposing to bring angling into the Common Fisheries Policy.

You may have heard reports that the European Commission is planning to bring all anglers under the Common Fisheries Policy. This is not the case. Anglers fishing in freshwater or on the shore will be free to continue as they always have done in all cases.

Across Europe, there are some recreational anglers who do large scale deep sea fishing and catch types of fish that are threatened due to low stocks, such as cod. In Germany recreational anglers catch the equivalent of about 50% of Germany’s cod quota in the North Sea.

So for certain types of fish caught in certain circumstances, there is a proposal on the table that these catches should be registered.

But if we look at the types of fish caught recreationally in the UK and those that are subject to the sort of management plans we are talking about, we see that there is little overlap.

The fish targeted by anglers are on the whole not the same as those targeted by commercial fisherman (hake, cod, plaice, eel, sole all have long-term management plans in the UK) and so will not have any reporting requirements.

I wonder if anyone is going to tell Antonia that all those are caught quite regularly and so by her own definition we WILL be subject to reporting requirements if Article 47 is passed.

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