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LENIN and Article 47

Jan 22nd, 2009 | By ssacn | Category: SSACN Announcements

During the meeting of the EU Fisheries Committee on the 21st January there was the “first exchange of views” on the report which includes, in Article 47, a plan to make all sea anglers and recreation fishermen not only announce their intention to catch fish, but also report their catch upon return.

Failure to do so will make us liable to prosecution and hence a criminal record, with fines up to £50,000.

Tom Wise MEP was the first to be asked to speak - this was his contribution.

“Mr Chairman, Here we have another Lenin moment -”worse is better” - and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I refer to Article 47.

Angling is the second biggest outdoor recreation in Britain. Is it really the intent to make part time or occasional anglers “recreational fishermen” who choose to try to catch fish and enjoy their hobby as a sport, is it their intent to make these folk criminals? Is it their intent to bureaucratise a hobby?

If so, I will join them, I will become a fisherman in protest so that I too can break the law. Why folk choose to sit - sometimes for hours in the rain is beyond me, but I could do that.

And what of permits or licences? More bureaucracy. Imagine if you will a family on holiday in a seaside resort. We have hundreds of them in the UK. Anyone who wants a day trip in a small boat, maybe to catch a small fish, has to fill in a form before they leave.  When they get back, they have to fill in another and prove they have not caught anything that is not permitted. More forms, and for whose benefit? Will the operators also have to be registered?
What about those folk who use their own boats? Will there be inspectors waiting to catch them in possession of an illegal fish?

The UK has the longest coastline in the EU; thousands of miles long, who will police that? More bureaucrats? If this is implemented, you will simply anger millions of ordinary folk against the EU and its stupidities.

Last week it was the Farmers with disastrous pesticide regulations. This week it is anglers. Next week? Well, is there anyone left? Please delete Article 47.”

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