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UK Government needs to act

Feb 7th, 2009 | By ssacn | Category: UK Government News

Struan Stevenson, Scottish MEP (Cons) and Fisheries Spokesman in the European Parliament believes it is the turn of the UK government to stand up for recreational anglers and fight against the EC proposal to extend the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) to control our fishing.

Although two clauses were removed from the Draft Marine & Coastal Access Bill, which was presented to the Westminster parliament just before Christmas which would have extended UK fisheries legislation to cover recreational angling and even fishing from the shore, the UK government has not yet openly addressed the EC published proposals which are widely believed will force Britain’s recreational anglers to license their vessels, log their catches and fish within tightly constrained quotas fixed by Brussels.

The UK legislation is with the House of Lords and is not expected to return to the House of Commons before late March or early April.

According to Struan Stevenson  ‘They have the ability to amend the Marine Bill to ensure that recreational fishing is protected and that the heavy hand of Brussels bureaucracy is held at bay.

‘Recreational angling is Britain’s most popular leisure activity. Sport fishermen generate millions of pounds into local communities including local hotels, shops, pubs and businesses, often in remote areas.

‘Sea anglers have also made positive efforts to aid fisheries conservation and have little or no impact on fish stocks. Attempts to throw the EU’s legislative book at these anglers will do immense damage to the tourist economy at a time of deepening economic recession, while doing nothing to conserve fish stocks.

‘The UK government has a great opportunity to stand up for our sport fishermen and recreational anglers by using the Marine Bill to send a strong signal to Brussels. I would also appeal to the Scottish government and the administrations in Wales and Northern Ireland to follow suit. A combined onslaught from the four corners of the UK will send a powerful message to Brussels: ‘hands off our recreational anglers’.’

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