2020 Biodiversity Challenge

| August 31, 2020

The Scottish Government has launched a public consultation on the 2020 challenge for Scotland’s biodiversity.

The consultation will remain open until 26 September and has been developed by the Scottish Government and Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) as a supporting document to the Biodiversity Strategy for Scotland in order to reflect new international and European biodiversity commitments.

To meet the 2020 Challenge the government’s aim is to:

  • increase the general level of biodiversity on land and in our seas, and support healthy, well-functioning ecosystems;
  • engage people with the natural world, for the health and well-being benefits that this brings, and empower them to have a say in decisions about their environment;
  • maximise the benefits for Scotland of a diverse natural environment and the services it provides, contributing to sustainable economic growth.

If you would like to discuss the consultation in more depth, contact Dr Debbie Bassett, SNH, on Debbie.Bassett@snh.gov.uk or 0131 316 2623.

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