£4m Scottish wrasse project

| May 31, 2015

The Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) has kicked off a £4 million applied research project to upscale the use of farmed wrasse in commercial salmon farms.

The new project, now rolling out on Scotland’s west coast, has the potential to increase productivity on salmon farms and reduce the use of medicines in the industry, the centre believes.

With the project agreement in place, the project team can set about taking validated lab research through to full application in the commercial environment.

"The deployment of farmed wrasse to control sea lice on farms could lead to the creation of new jobs in rural communities, not just in salmon production, but in wrasse production and management," said SAIC. "Wrasse can co-habit with salmon in the same pens and can be used as ‘cleaner fish’ to remove sea lice from the salmon."

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