£750,000 for IFGs

| March 21, 2012

The Scottish Government is to support the delivery of a new strategy for the inshore fleet. It says that spending £750,000 in support over the next three years the revised strategy will deliver:

  • Continued support for the IFGs, focused on the priorities identified in the management plans;
  • Work to improve the science and data needed for effective fisheries management;
  • Better engagement with ‘static gear’ fishermen (such as creelers);
  • A formal consultation on possible measures to control the number of creels that can be deployed;
  • A national conference on inshore fishing.

Of course what it does not include is funding for, or any initiatives to ensure a worthwhile future for  recreational sea angling.

Once again the Scottish Government is showing it’s focus is purely on the commercial exploitation of fish stocks and it doesn’t have the necessary political willpower to address issues affecting other sectors as a result of the excessive exploitation of inshore waters in certain areas.

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