A better deal for Bass ?

EU fisheries ministers came up with a deal that recognises that targeted netting for threatened bass stocks is no longer an acceptable form of fishing.

At the ‘Fishing Opportunities’ meeting for 2017, proposals from the EU Commission calling for an end to netting for bass – which had the wholehearted support of recreational fishing organisations and conservation bodies – were discussed late into the night. The politicians agreed to restrict bass fishing to commercial hook and line and recreational angling.

As usual there was a fudged get out clause for the commercial mobile sector in a a series of over generous bycatch ‘allowances’.

Commercial trawlers are to be allowed a 3% bass bycatch – well in excess of the suggested 1% and fixed gill nets are to be restricted to a bycatch allowance of 250kg a month. Currently they have a monthly vessel allocation of 1,300 kg.

In practice, no great change – will politicians never learn ?

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