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The Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network (SSACN) is an independent Charity registered in Scotland which was created to focus on conservation issues in the marine environment, especially those affecting sea anglers.

SSACN would like to see fisheries management undertaken in an inclusive, open and transparent way and be based on sound ecological and management criteria; we feel this would allow fish stocks and habitats to be regenerated and Scotland to once again become a premier European sea angling destination.

Scotland was once a major sea angling centre based around species that were not readily available elsewhere in the British Isles. Inefficient and ineffective fisheries management and practices have left many species void in several areas and many habitats have been destroyed.

Responding to consultations and attending the many meetings associated with the ever increasing numbers of task forces, advisory bodies, legislative programmes etc which are being introduced at all government levels - EU, UK, national, regional and local - creates an ever increasing burden; but as fish stocks and the marine environment are a shared resource, SSACN are trying to ensure that the needs of Scottish sea anglers are taken into account in those activities.

You can help

Sea angling is a selective, environmentally friendly and low-impact fishing activity. It is the # 1 coastal recreation activity in Scotland supporting many livelihoods and business opportunities and contributes more than £150 million / yr to the Scottish economy but -

  • Many species of fish, once common in Scottish waters are now commercially extinct.
  • 30+ million fish are discarded annually in the Clyde Nephrops fishery.
  • 500+ million fish are discarded annually in the waters around Scotland.
  • EU fleets discard 2+ BILLION fish annually in the North Sea.
  • Several species of shark urgently need management plans to stop their rapid decline.
  • Tremendous increase in legislation affecting sea angling.

There are many challenges for SSACN, we need active supporters to write articles, research issues and work throughout Scotland with local press, politicians and conservation groups. If you are interested in joining in, please contact us :-

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Established in 1997, the Shark Trust is a UK charity dedicated to the study, management and conservation of sharks, skates, rays and chimaera.


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