Arran Community Marine Reserve

| April 11, 2013

To support the up and coming public consultation for marine protected areas in June, COAST has designed a series of posters which will be placed around the island. These posters include their new mascot for ‘Arran Community Marine Reserve, Curly the Octopus, and a map of the proposed marine reserve.

They will also inform the public of some of the wonders that lay below the water surface in specific areas. They can be found in locations around the island including Lamlash Bay, Whiting Bay, Kildonan, Kilmory, Blackwaterfoot and Brodick.

Coast has also produced a new Arran community marine reserve leaflet which will be distributed as an insert in the banner as well as being available at various events.

If you won’t be able to make it over to the island this summer, their posters and leaflets will also be available on their  website and Facebook pages.

Download Arran Community Marine Reserve Leaflet front and back

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