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angling-trust-logoClosing Date extended to 20th Jan.

The Angling Trust are inviting sea anglers to take part in a vital research project into how they value the UK’s marine environment.

They would be grateful if you would take the time to complete the survey by clicking HERE

What’s It All About?

Working with the University of Aberdeen, the Angling Trust hopes to gain valuable information that will be used to influence decision-making around the recommended Marine Conservation Zones in England, currently under consultation, and a yet to be determined number of Marine Protected Areas in Scotland and Wales.

The survey will help the Angling Trust to ensure that the specific needs and values of recreational sea anglers are taken into account when decisions regarding these areas are made.

At the heart of the research project is the personal and “non-monetary” value of key sites around the UK. Researchers are particularly interested in the views of UK sea anglers on the sites they visit, what it is about these sites they value the most and whether they believe these sites are worth protecting.

Other partners to the research include the Marine Conservation Society and the British Sub-Aqua Club. The survey will be open from the 15th December 2012 until the 5th January 2013.

David Mitchell, the Angling Trust’s Marine Campaigns Manager said; “As an angler you develop a very close bond with the areas you fish. You can’t put a price on why the marine environment and specific fishing marks are important to you – it goes far deeper than that. This survey gives anglers the opportunity to explain this so that these ‘non monetary’ values can be taken into account. Your input will help us make sure we respond to the public consultation on the recommended MCZs with as much evidence as possible.”

If you have any questions or querying regarding this survey, please email David Mitchell, Angling Trust Marine Campaigns Manager

The survey closes on January 20th so don’t delay, please complete the survey today!

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