AT will not assist data collection

| February 26, 2016

sunsetshellThe Angling Trust will not be supporting Sea Angling 2016, a new project to collect data on catches from recreational sea anglers.

The project, commissioned by Cefas (Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science), follows up on the Sea Angling 2012 research project and fulfils EU requirements for the UK to provide data on recreational catches for a number of species listed under the Common Fisheries Policy’s Control Regulation and Data Collection Framework. The research will also collect data on how much is being spent on sea angling in the UK. Anglers will be asked to fill out log books detailing their catches over the course of 2016.

The Angling Trust believes that, despite evidence being collected as a result of multiple projects over many years – Net Benefits (2004), Invest In Fish South West (2005), Drew Associates report (2007), Sea Angling 2012, Defining The Economic and Environmental Values of Sea Bass (2014) – the government has refused to take on board any of the recommendations or results which would accurately or fairly represent the recreational sea angling sector in the management of marine fishery resources.

The active contribution by the Angling Trust to any future data collection exercise would be on the condition that:

  • Extensive improvements were made in the collection of accurate landings/fishing mortality data from all sources.
  • Policy decisions are evidence-based and reflect the social, environmental and economic impacts of all sectors in a balanced and proportionate way.

David Mitchell, Marine Campaigns Manager for the Angling Trust, said: “In principle we haven’t got a problem with asking anglers to provide catch data – it’s impossible to make a convincing argument without evidence on which to base it. What we do have a problem with is lopsided data collection which leaves gaps in commercial landings data big enough to drive a beam-trawler through.

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