Bad weather likely to hamper Sharkatag 2014!


Wind Guru forecast. Click to view full size.

Once again it looks as if our main event of the year; the Sharkatag is going to be seriously hampered by the weather. This will be the third one in a row.



Certainly looks the best day. Some boats may try to fish of Port William and there will certainly be plenty of boats fishing off Port Logan as there is plenty of shelter in south Easterlies. It is not likely many tope will be caught off Port Logan but fish of 60 lb and 80 lb were caught off Port Logan in the 2012 Sharkatag

XC forecast. Click to view full size version.

XC forecast. Click to view full size version.

If the latest Wind Guru forecast in correct, then Saturday will probably be cancelled.

If the forecasts are still predicting southerlies then Sunday will almost certainly be cancelled. There is just no hiding place in a southerly

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