Bass stocks are dangerously low

| November 23, 2020








From the Marine Conservation Society (MCS)

Despite years of warnings and efforts to reduce bass catches, we’re still taking too many. Scientists say that no bass should be caught in 2017 to allow the population of this favourite fish to start to recover.

Achieving a truly zero catch will be impossible, but we must ensure Government does all it can to put bass back on the road to recovery.

Scientists show that if a large reduction in catch can be made in 2017, the bass population would start to increase in 2018. Achieving this will be extremely difficult which is why we need your help.

Fisheries Minister, George Eustice, represents the UK on the European Council of Ministers, and together they have the power to reduce next year’s total catch. The vote takes place in December.

Please write to your local MP asking them to encourage Mr Eustice to:

  • support a six month moratorium on bass catches
  • work with France and other neighbours to ensure catch does not exceed 880 tonnes in 2017.

Worried about what to say? The MCS have drafted a letter here ready to be pinged to your MP.

Read more about our position on bass here and detailed scientific advice here.

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